Oatmeal with Fruit

Per Serving:
Calories 289, Carbs 40g, Fat 5g, Protein 25g, Sugar 8g, Sodium 353mg […]

½ cup oatmeal
1 scoop Beverly International Vanilla UMP Protein Powder
½ cup strawberries
¼ cup blueberries
1. Mix oatmeal with water and microwave until desired temperature.
2. Stir in protein powder, add fruit and serve.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Makes 1 serving.

Per Serving: Calories 315, Carbs 36g, Fat 9g, Protein 30g, Sugar 2g, Sodium 294mg. […]

½ cup dry oatmeal
1 scoop of Beverly International Chocolate UMP Protein Powder
2 tbsp PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

hot water

1. In a small bowl, mix oatmeal, protein powder and peanut butter.
2. Add hot water to your desired consistency.

Veggie Omelet

Makes 1 serving.

Per Serving: Calories 223, Carbs 6g, Fat 12g, Protein 23g, Sugar 1g, Sodium 274mg […]

4 egg whites
1 whole egg
½ tbsp olive oil
1 cup of fresh veggies (spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms & zucchini)
1. In small bowl, mix egg whites and whole egg together.
2. In skillet, add olive oil and pour egg mixture.
3. Add veggies, as eggs are cooking, fold into half to make omelet.

Strawberry Pancakes

Makes 4 large pancakes.

Per Serving: (2 pancakes) Calories 228, Carbs 26g, Fat 2g, Protein 29g, Sugar 8g, Sodium 223mg […]

1 cup egg whites
½ cup oatmeal
2 packages of Stevia
1 tbsp cinnamon
½ cup fresh strawberries diced
½ cup fresh blueberries
1. Mix egg whites, oatmeal, protein powder, stevia and cinnamon.
2. Add fruit and blend together.
3. Cook on skillet sprayed with olive oil.
4. Serve with Walden Farms Sugar Free Pancake Syrup & spray butter if desired.