Success Stories


Linda Schroedter began her journey with Kim at Fit Bodies Personal Training Studio in March 2014. Along with working out Linda began the Customized Meal Plan that we offer at Fit Bodies.. This plan is Nutrition Coaching and Meal plans where you will know exactly what to eat and when! With in just 5 Months she lost 6% body fat and 7 1/2 inches. Linda began using AdvoCare supplements and The AdvoCare Sports Performance line in 2014, These products are used by athletes like Drew Brees, The Major League Soccer team and many NFL, MLB players are just a few examples. The sports line has products to help with recovery , energy, strength and performance! Linda just completed a 12 week challenge using these products and had amazing results in just 12 weeks. Since 2014 Linda has lost 9% body fat and 11 and 1/2 inches! What an inspiration she is to so many. Perfect example that age is just a number! Happy Birthday Linda I am so proud of you and the example you are setting for others! Kudos!

Linda Schroedter

12 Week Transformation! Congratulations to Summer Robbins in 12 weeks she lost 30lbs, and 16 1/2 inches. She competed in her first bikini show this past weekend. She had a tremendous transformation! I am always running my challenges 12 weeks and here is why…if you dial in and really give me your 100% for 12 weeks you can make a drastic transformation! Kudos to you Summer for your lifestyle change and dedication! I am so proud of you. Here is what Summer had to say about her 12 weeks:

“The freshman 15 of free pizza and late nights, 12 months traversing the Illinois county fair system and all the lemon shake up and corn dogs I could find, 3 months of Wisconsin and their finest cheese curds, 5 months in Hawaii indulging in all the once in a lifetime foods… the list goes on and on. But regardless, the list became my form of excuses for why I’d let my body confidence and shape disappear. Even as an incredibly busy college student, earlier this summer I found myself tired of wishing that I could rock “this bikini” or “that crop top.” All in all, I was exhausted of being stuck in a place that wasn’t making me proud of my appearance.

After a couple months of consideration and motivating talks with Kim, I decided that I needed a deadline and goal to strive for; Nov. 12th, an NPC Bikini Show. I cannot thank Kim enough for suggesting that I start this journey and helping me to learn through the process that losing weight is so much more than a number on the scale. Fitness and nutrition really are a lifestyle change and in learning that I fell in love with the journey! I have now competed in my first show, lost the weight I needed to find my confidence, and reset my future goals with Kim’s continued support in nutrition, supplemental Advocare, and workouts. From now on, I hope to use what I’ve learned to move forward: bigger, better, faster, and stronger in both my physical and mental strength. I wake up and remember that wishing for a good body didn’t get me anywhere, but working for it has: stop wishing and start doing.”

Summer Robbins

Congratulations to Sarah Parkinson for her 12 week transformation. She began the first part of June with the 24 day AdvoCare challenge , during the 24 days lost 6 lbs , 3% body fat and 41/2 inches Along with the customized meal program that Fit Bodies by Kim offers, where you know exactly what to eat and how much with an access to customize food options ! This is real food for real people. After 12 weeks Sarah is down 17 lbs 6 % body fat and 7 inches. Sarah is Mom of 4 , works and is going to school to be an RN. So proud of you Sarah.!

Sarah Parkinson

!Congratulations to Mandy Hustedde she has lost 134 lbs !! She is such an inspiration! Wow! Her journey began over 2 1/2 years ago! Never giving up ! She is determined. She follows the plan and keeps on keeping on! She used the 24 day challenge in 2015 and lost 14lbs in her 24 days. She eats clean and exercises! She is such a great role model for so many! I am so proud of you Mandy!

Here is her story:)

My journey began when I tipped the scales at 309….it is crazy to even admit that…but it is the truth….I knew I had to make some changes in my life or it would be short lived and miserable. I can honestly say my biggest motivation wasn’t trying to get into a certain clothing size or swimsuit… it was my beautiful girls!!! I wanted to be a positive healthy role model for them and be able to do things with them and mostly keep up with them!!! I first heard about Kim Lipe’s program from some ladies I went to church with. I was amazed at their results they achieved and thought I would try it for myself! Needless to say that was almost 2 and a half years ago and we are still going strong!!! I am currently at 175 lbs and I feel amazing! Kim gives me meal and exercise plans and keeps me a accountable! We tape and measure about every 4/6 weeks and switch things up. I love the flexibility and diversity in her program when it comes to nutrition and exercise! She has taught me that this is not just a diet….this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! I am telling you now folks….if I can go from 309 lbs to 175 lbs without surgery anyone can!!! My best advice is to keep going and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!

Mandy Hustedde

Amazing Transformation! Congratulations to Karen Reeves Clark! Her transformation is so inspiring! Check out her pictures from Jan. 2015 to June 2016. She lost 52lbs in this time frame! She is down over 100lbs from her heaviest weight from 2006. Time, dedication, along with following a customized nutrition plan , workouts and AdvoCare products that helped supplement her diet and exercise is the key to her success. Karen made eating healthy and exercise a lifestyle, not a short term fix. She followed the plan to a T and as you can see from Jan – June 2015 had amazing results in 6 months. I am so proud of you Karen ! You are such a positive role model! Kudos!

Here is her Story:
This is how my fitness journey began with Kim Lipe. My co-workers Denyse and Angie were already working out at Kim’s gym, and I began to get very jealous of their results and transformations. I wanted the knowledge and results that they were getting from Kim. In January 2015, I decided to begin my journey. My weight at this time was 189 pounds (which was not my heaviest). Then Kim introduced me to AdvoCare and the 24-Day Challenge. I had great results with the 24 day challenge and knew I was going to continue working hard. I fell in love with the Advocare products and can’t live without Spark. I also use the Sports Performance line to help me with my workouts and recovery.

In the last year-and-a-half, I have participated in a couple of 12 week challenges, joined the Team Fit Bodies group, and was a part of the Tri Fitness team. In June of 2016, at Tri Fitness, I weighed in at 137 pounds with 12% body fat. Throughout this journey, Kim has devised nutrition and workout plans for my body. I went to work, followed her plans, and begin seeing results. Not every day was fun or easy but I pushed through. Obstacles were a daily occurrence. Whether being a busy mom of two children , a wife, or a teacher there were always distractions that challenged my ultimate goal of being a competitor at Tri Fitness. I could not have reached the goal without the use of AdvoCare, the motivation and guidance from Kim, and the support of my Tri Fitness girls. Thank you all who have supported me in my journey and helping me reach my goals.

Karen Reeves Clark

This particular journey started in September of 2015. I was participating in a Tri Ffitness challenge training session and I injured my knee, knowing I would not be able to do the true grit,obstacle course,or box jumps I asked Kim if she thought I could do the bench press event and the grace and physique show, she said “absolutely ” I was already going to Kim for nutrition and work out sessions, so I met with Kim and she devised a plan for me, then I went to work and followed the nutrition and work outs and started seeing results. I prayed, I followed Kim’s advice to the letter. I know I am not perfect, but I was stage ready,or at least to the point of not embarrassing myself, something that seemed like a dream instead of a reality . I felt so proud that day and I have come to realize how important the nutrition is. My motto also became “I have never been able to prove Kim wrong” meaning, if I follow the nutrition and exercise I always see results. Thank you Kim for making my dream a reality. I hope I can be an inspiration to others. I can’t wait to see what I can do next!!‪#‎loveadvocare‬ ‪#‎fitbodiesbykim‬ ‪#‎trifitness‬

Paula began her journey with Kim in Oct. 2013. Working out 3 – 4 times a week and learning about clean eating. In Jan. 2015 she participated in a 12 week challenge by Kim with nutrition meal plan, workouts and using AdvoCare supplements to fill in gaps to help with energy, focus, muscle recovery , wellness and performance. During these 12 weeks she set goals and lost weight and body fat . Then the fall of 2015 she made the decision to compete in her first Bikini Show in June 2016. Took her Picture in a swimsuit and ordered her suit in Dec. 2016 (picture below) Jan. 2016 hit the ground running! Along with the meal plan, AdvoCare supplements and workouts she reached her dream of gracing the stage in her first Bikini show. I am so proud of her dedication and hard work….she followed the plan to a T! Since 2013 she has lost 32lbs. 24 of those lbs were since Dec. 2015. AMAZING!!!!

Paula I am so proud of you! XoXo

Paula Gephart

1 Year ago I had the opportunity to see this amazing gal step on stage in her first bikini show. And she placed in the top 5 !! This transformation was done in just 16 weeks! She had a goal , determination and stuck with the plan! Believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do! If you want to make a transformation to step on stage…or just feel better and look better. Message me about personal training/ meal planning. Both can be done in person or virtual! 16 week program is less than $75 a month for workouts and customized meal plan that works for your body! I believe in you!

Jessica Harris

I am your typical yo-yo weight gainer, up, down and oh so round. I had pretty much resigned to the fact I’m a happy 61 year grandma with white hair, not looking for a change. But change found me!

On Nov 5, 2015 our booth up and running at Ladies Night Out in Effingham, IL., promoting Monat anti-aging hair care products with my sister Lisa. We were among 30 other vendors…one of them Advocare with Kim Lipe.

Kim came to our booth requesting information about Monat after she heard about its proven to grow hair. I asked her if she just had a baby!! Folks if you don’t know Kim Lipe, she looks amazing…and she’s 53! Needless to say she purchased Monat and went back to her booth. My niece Ashley said ” Aunt Kathy, you need Advocare” Kim immediately came back to my booth with a sample cup of Spark. I went to Advocare booth, decided Tim and I both need to do Advocare together…buddy system. Soft appointments were made, depending on Tim starting Advocare with me.

November 9, 2015 I drove to Kim’s house and both Tim and I ordered 24 day challenge, becoming distributors. Kim explained Advocare in length and promised to coach us the whole way. Receiving our product on Wednesday, Nov 11, I messaged Kim, asking if we should wait until Monday to start? No, she said start in the morning. (Knew Kim was going to be a great coach)

Tim and I started our 24 Day Challenge November 12 thru December 5. I lost total of 7.3 lbs and 10.5″. Tim lost 10.75 lbs and 2.75″. …but most importantly our bad eating habits. I’m cooking healthy and we haven’t been hungry since October. We maintained through 2 Thanksgivings, 3 Christmases, a wedding and a funeral.

As of today, Jan 29 I lost 19.5 lbs, Tim lost 23 lbs. we are stronger, healthier and more flexible than we’ve been in years. Eating healthy is fun, easy and rewarding. Our kids are so proud of us!!

Kim Lipe never left our side….I used the Daily Guide faithfully. Wrote everything down we ate, drank and exercise!! That’s key, be accountable for your health.

We continued staying on Advocare Spark, Cataylst, OmegaPlex, and Carb-ease to maintain our weight. On Jan 7 th I opened Facebook, Kim selected me as #2 in her challenge, Hot for the Holidays!! Me, 61 year old white headed grandma who wasn’t looking for change….so thankful. change found me.

Kathy Claybaugh

July of 2014, I was introduced to Advocare’s Spark and Rehydrate by my cousin Chris Chamberlin.I signed up and did the 24 Day Challenge and lost 6 pounds. I continued to use the Advocare products but still had questions and challenges with my diet and nutrition. Chris introduced me to Kim Lipe.

Kim resided over 600 miles away, yet she was able to help me! Through her books, phone calls, social media motivation, and a visit to her Fitness Center, I was able to change my body! With Kim’s knowledge, candid advice, and “living” by example approach, I was able to lose additional fat. I went from 33% body fat to 9.2% body fat. With her guidance and advice I was able to do what I thought was not EVER possible, I competed in two Figure Competitions.

I am GRATEFUL to Kim and her willingness to share her experiences with me. She has changed my life! THANK YOU KIM!

Tina Honsey

I have struggled with weight my entire life. I was a heavy child, thinned out in high school, gained the first year of college, lost, gained, and so on. I have tried every diet and workout plan imaginable. I would lose for a while and then something wouldn’t work and I would get frustrated and give up. Next thing I knew, I was 10 pounds heavier than when I started whatever crazy program I was on.

I was getting close to being the heaviest I had ever been. I heard about Kim through friends and immediately gave her a call. On the very first night, she sat down with me and explained all the ins and outs of the nutrition part of the program. Kim told me how many calories I needed in a day, along with proteins, carbs, and fats. She showed me how to read labels to understand exactly what I was putting in my body. As for the exercise part of the program, Kim has me doing more than I ever imagined I could. I like to say she is the perfect mix of Biggest Losers’ Bob and Jillian…she is sweet and supportive like Bob, but can definitely push you like Jillian.

I have never stuck to a program this before. Kim made me understand that this is a life style change and not just something I need to do to be thin, but I need to do this for my health in general. I love the results I am getting with her help. I feel better about myself and have more energy for my everyday life. I have to thank Kim for being there to support and guide me through this journey of a healthier me. I want to thank the girls I work out with at Kim’s for providing a fun, motivating place to exercise. I also need to thank my husband, my family and friends for their support and encouragement during this process. All of the help I have received has made this transformation possible!”

Ashley lost 54lbs. , 26 inches and 13% body fat