My Story

I know how hectic life can be with a career and raising kids. As a mom, wife and now grandma it’s hard to find time for yourself. Once you have kids, there is an immediate assumption that you no longer have to take care of yourself. Your job is now to take care of the kids…right?! With the busy life of raising kids, eating healthy and working out go by the way side. The next thing you know, you find yourself stuck in a body that you no longer recognize. And, asking yourself “where did that extra weight come from?” I felt this same way!

At the age of 45. I looked at a picture I had taken with my family at Christmas and I didn’t even recognize myself. I was always someone who could eat whatever and not gain a pound but I had no muscle tone and was very lean. But as the years went by and I entered my 40’s my body had changed and I was not happy with what I seen. I had gained about 30lbs. So I decided in Jan. 2008 to do something about it and not just go with the fact that once you hit your 40’s you are suppose to just gain weight and be out of shape.

I began working with a trainer, and soon realized that cleaning up my diet was what I needed to do in order to see progress in the gym. I began studying about nutrition that was right for my body and learned how to read food labels , started buying foods like fresh veggies, fruits, chicken, ground turkey, sweet potatoes. I began taking some of our family’s favorite recipes and turning them into healthier options.

Eating healthy everyday and working out is now apart of my lifestyle. I lost over 30lbs and went from 30% body fat to 12% body fat within a few years time. Now 53, I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach and I have competed in 10 Bikini and Figure competitions. Proving that it is never too late to start!

With such amazing results, I have inspired my family to get into shape, and change their eating habits to a healthier lifestyle. I love seeing the results my family and my clients are having and being a part of their fitness journey is so rewarding.

I am now in the best shape of my life, I created “Fit Bodies by Kim” to inspire other women, Moms, Grandmas,. that you can live a healthy lifestyle no matter what stage in your life you are! It is still possible to achieve your fitness goals!Believe…Begin…Become…